Increased exposure to nature reduces workplace stress and multiplies productivity.
Biowonder blurs boundaries between buildings and landscapes with natural light, outdoor air, plants and water in plenty. This greatly impacts business revenue streams by influencing People, their Performance and therefore Profit.




In 2005, Washington became world’s first to enact the green building legislation. According to the law, projects exceeding 5000 sq. ft. were required to meet or exceed LEED standards. The projected benefits are -



What's the difference?


  • Focuses on the performance and neuro systems of its occupant.
  • Relies on integrating natural elements to enhance life.
  • Natural measures for building acclimatisation to reduce energy consumption.
  • Improves the immediate air quality using a natural process.
  • Human performance enhanced by more than 20 percent.
  • Enhances the rhythmic connect of man and nature, making the occupant comfortable and more focused. Stress levels are down by 30- 40 percent.
  • Healthy healing environment with adequate sunlight enhances hormonal balance. Phytocyte dilution in the air helps boost the immune system.
  • Restructures or sustains the biodiversity around it.


  • Focuses on the performance of the building and building systems.
  • Relies on technological advancements for performance.
  • Harnesses technology to renew energy.
  • Air conditioned, following IAQ norms through a meso environment control.
  • No effect on performance.
  • No psychological benefits.

  • No natural healing effects.

  • No natural environmental balance.

7 great reasons

Of the 12 warmest years in the history of mankind, 11 occurred between 1995 and 2006. Is green architecture the way into the future? Absolutely. Sooner than later, biophilia will be embraced all across the world. Biowonder is far ahead, already.

  • Sequester air pollutants trap and hold dust, ash, pollen that damage lungs.
  • Flora absorbs carbon di-oxide to the tune of emission from a vehicle driven 26,000 miles.
  • Fresh oxygen per acre, enough for 18 people everyday.
  • Energy conservation through transpiration cooling, shade and wind reduction.
  • Storm water attenuation for ground water recharge and soil nutrition.
  • Noise buffering through intensifying density of leaves, bark, branches and mounds.
  • Provision of wildlife habitat to reverse declining fauna.

RESULT: Increased property value, huge savings, improved aesthetics, greater physiological and psychological well being, all because of the green cover.

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